A Case For Style

Hello beauty and welcome to On Point!  I'm so exciting to introduce myself and share my passion with you.  What inspires the fast paced world of style as well as the ever changing labyrinth we call fashion is what you can expect when you drop by.  Hopefully you’ll find some interesting nuggets along the way!  

First point, “Style” – It can be complex as it means different things to everyone; my goal is to shine the spotlight on each angle of the subject as we go along.  If you’re shaking your head at this, just hear me out.  Even those that claim to “not care” about style actually do have personal style preferences, whether in fashion, interior design, the arts, and beyond (there is even a focus on food style these days!)  So there should be something for everyone here!!!  Is anyone else out there hungry now??? 

Ok, let’s talk about style in respect to what we wear!!! (Anyone that knows me, or has spent more than 5 minutes with me, must be amazed I took this long to bring it up).  Whether you like it or not, despite our capabilities and accomplishments, we are often only afforded a moment to be sized up, judged, and categorized by how we look on the surface by potential employers, clients, or social acquaintances.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that we all must look as if we just walked off the pages of Vogue to be successful.  But it’s human nature to want to progress, succeed, and achieve.  So, like it or not, we all do as we must, to be the best version of us that we can be.  

That’s where I come in, as a guide and an advocate.  As a personal stylist, I believe, it’s not my place to dictate another person’s style. I consider individual style to be a sacred thing as it is a direct result of a lifetime of experiences.  My objective is to help my clients understand more about themselves and learn what works best for them and why.  Only this way will you be empowered to make the best decisions about your wardrobe, which in turn makes life less about what you’re wearing and ironically directs the world to what’s wonderful about you! Oh and just let me add, we also have a blast while we’re at it!  

I am beyond blessed with a life that places me around amazing people and organizations who dedicate their time to philanthropic causes as well as creative rock stars that elevate style and fashion into artistic masterpieces.  What an honor it will be to share all of this with you with the hopes that you will be inspired too.  

What’s to come next?  Fashion is a massive pendulum that swings very far in both directions.  After viewing Spring Summer 2017, we can expect huge changes and a lighthearted embrace of what's fun and positive about fashion and style.  More to come!!!!  

So much for introductions.  Let’s get started on what promises to be a very stylish friendship!!!!  

XO – L